• The parent/guardian, who wishes to withdraw their child/ward from the school, may do so by submitting a written application to the school office.
  • The application must also clearly state the name in which the security deposit refund cheque has to be issued (if applicable).
  • In case of withdrawals before the commencement of the new academic year, the application must be made two months before the last working day of the current session, failing which the fees for the 1st quarter of the new academic year and other applicable payments become due and payable.
  • In case of withdrawals during the academic year, the application must be made two months before the commencement of the next quarter, failing which the next quarter’s fee and any other applicable fees shall become due and payable.
  • A minimum period of 15 days after the last day of attendance at school will be required to issue the Leaving Certificate and refund of security deposit, provided all dues are paid.

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