Education is a continuous and never ending process, just like an Orbis.

Education should be a thoroughly enjoyable and exciting experience which will inculcate in the students a burning passion to express themselves, participate in discussions and develop an ethical and emphatic outlook of society - qualities which are not only noble but are also the seeds of change.

Education has a responsibility to society - to provide ingenious citizens who have the ability to make the right choices.

And it all starts when we begin to "Celebrate Learning"!



We envision a movement that celebrates learning, a system that will empower generations of self motivated achievers, questing in their chosen fields of endeavour - be it humanities, commerce or sciences - comfortable with themselves, society and the world at large.


To create an environment where tradition harmonises with modernity, where emphasis is laid on igniting the young minds, where the joy of understanding, creative thinking and problem solving will establish skills for life.

To encourage students to set their own personal goals of excellence in all they do, Academic, Cultural, Sporting, Interpersonal relationships, Leadership and Citizenship.

To nurture talent and aesthetic aspect to help the students to realise their individual potential, and through this realisation, enable the greater good in the world.


Celebrate Learning

Celebrate Learning at The Orbis School, is a process designed to turn work into play. Limitless opportunity to explore and experiment, get involved in fests and concerts, work for exhibitions and workshops, participate in trips and sports, in an atmosphere which is stress free, secure, stimulating and rewarding, will make learning an experience of a celebratory kind.

We shall open young minds rather than filling them. The world will be our children’s laboratory where they will celebrate the process of constructing knowledge.We would let childhood remain a journey and not a race.

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